UPDATE: Most Coventry Town Fields Now Open---- Monday April 11, 2016



Please be advised that the “all fields” with the exception of Paine Little League #’s one (1) and two (2) and Ravenswood are now open for play until further notice.  Future closures due to anticipated upcoming rains are possible.  (Work on the Paine fields is to take place as soon as is possible after last week’s devastating rains.  The fields are too soft to bring machinery on the surfaces at this time.)


Thank you for taking the weekend to permit the fields to solidify and grasses to begin to root.  Your patience is very much appreciated. 


Please use good judgement when utilizing the Town owned facilities at this early point (and always) in the season and report any issues to this office at the number listed below. 


Enjoy the preparation with the teams for “opening day.”


Jay Primiano




Thank You for your assistance and understanding.