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    Please note that due to the current COVID-19 situation, payments are not being accepted in house at the Town Hall2019 Real Property, Tangible and MV taxes are delinquent.  We are currently collecting 4th qtr. (due July 15, 2020) for 2019 Sewer Assessment and Use bills.  You can make payments for House, Car, and Sewer or Agreement payments by making checks payable to –Coventry Tax Collector and using one of the following options:

    Mail payment to: Coventry Tax Collector’s Office, 1670 Flat River Rd, Coventry, RI, 02816

    Place in Drop Box at entrance of Town Hall/Library: No Cash Payments please.  Payments placed in drop box after working hours are posted received the NEXT working day.

    With VISA or MC @ **NOTE**: The charge card company adds a 3% service fee. You will be informed of the total prior to acceptance of the charge. Input the acct# and pin# from the front of your bill and follow the directions. If you do not have the necessary information please call our office at 822-9167 and we will provide it to you.

    For immediate registration releases, you must pay with a certified check, money order, or charge card.  Upon receipt and posting of the payment, we will notify the DMV and the registration will be usually be released within 24 to 48 hrs.

    **2020 Tax bills have not gone out as of July 15, 2020.  The Financial Town Meeting was held on July 14, 2020 and the vote on the budget is July 16, 2020.  If the budget passes, we will begin the process of printing and mailing out all of the 2020 Tax Bills. 



    Town Hall

    1670 Flat River Road

    Coventry, RI  02816


    Monday – Friday

    8:30am – 4:30pm


    Phone:  (401) 822-9167                

    Fax: (401) 822-6237



    Since 2011


    All owners of vehicles valued at $500.00 or more will receive a tax bill.  The age of the vehicle alone does not determine the value of the vehicle.



    Property & Motor Vehicle Tax Payments / Account Balance


    Current 2019 Tax Rates:

    Residential - $22.24

    Commercial - $26.81

    Motor Vehicle - $18.75

    Tangible - $22.24



    Department Details


    The primary function of the Tax Collector's office is to collect and record taxes owed by the residents of Coventry.  We offer many ways to pay taxes in order to make an unpleasant task as painless as possible. There is an Automatic Payment System for those who do not escrow. On the 20th of every month 1/12th of the annual tax is deducted from a person's checking/savings account. Taxpayers are also able to pay taxes at a number of different banks, which are listed on the back of the tax bill. Finally, people may elect to pay taxes in person at the Town Hall, through the mail, or by charge card using the internet. In addition to merely collecting the taxes, we also try to assist  taxpayers, who may be delinquent, become current with their tax payments.  We attempt to achieve this by working out a payment plan to help them catch up. The Coventry Tax Collector's office is also responsible for providing Municipal Lien Certificates (fee $25.00). This document lists all the outstanding taxes owed, in Coventry, on a particular parcel and is mainly used by attorneys in determining costs when closing on the sale of real property.


    Please be aware that if we have placed a stop on your registration due to delinquent taxes, you must come in to get the release for the registry. Even if you pay with a chargecard using the internet you will still need to stop at the collector’s office to get a registration release stamp. If we have time, we do try to e-mail the DMV or send releases via postal service, when delinquent taxes have been paid. In the end, if you have not paid your taxes on time, the only way to ensure you have no issues at the registry is to come in for the release.


    Total bills under $100.00 must be paid in full in first quarter. (R.l. Statute 44-5-7, 1956). If a receipt is desired, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope.


    Any check returned for insufficient funds will receive a $26.00 service charge.



    Questions and Problems


    Checks should be made out to:


    Coventry Tax Collector 

    1670 Flat River Road

    Coventry, RI 02816



    Tax Collector


    Responsible for mailing of tax notices and collection of tax payments based on information contained on the current tax roll certified by the Assessor. 

    Phone - (401) 821-6400





    Responsible for preparation of the current tax roll, assessed value, exemptions, taxable value, assessed owner(s) name and address, address changes, and property location. 

    Phone - (401) 822-9162