The results from yesterday's test at Breezy Lake Beach came back at 770.1. A significant increase from in the 60s. RI Analytical (the testing company) said that the numbers could be skewed by both the rain and heat. Additional testing will take place on Monday.


    That being said, and hearing from RIDOH, I recommend that the Town post an advisory that swimming at Breezy Lake Beach is prohibited. That the two elevated results came from samples that were taken only in the Town owned area and no where else in the lake. 


    Breezy Lake Beach is not a Town of Coventry sanctioned or authorized swimming area, and should not be used for swimming at any time.   



    Raena Blumenthal

    Coventry Parks & Recreation Director


    Breezy Lake was retested on 8/13/2018. The result was 25.6. The result is below the Action Value of  60 cfu/100 ml.