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    The Department of Planning & Development administers Coventry’s regulations for land development to ensure that the Town grows in the way that residents intend.  Our work is based on research and understanding of federal and state laws, local ordinances, policies, and plans as they relate to land development in Coventry.  We work closely with the community to develop and maintain the Comprehensive Community Plan, the principal document which outlines residents’ vision for housing, land use, economic development, transportation, open space and recreation.  Our Department also serves as key staff to the Planning Commission, the Zoning Board, the Land Trust, the Conservation Commission, and the Historic District Commission to implement a wide variety of town efforts.  Additionally, the Planning & Development Department locates and manages funding for initiatives and programs that improve residents’ quality of life, such as the Housing Rehabilitation Program, which provides financial assistance for housing repairs for low to moderate income residents.  

    Major divisions of the Planning & Development Department include:


    Planning is a process of gathering technical data and community input to form policies and regulations about how the community seeks to develop, conserve or revitalize the land within its boundaries – and ensuring that development is occurring as planned.  

    Zoning and Zoning Enforcement

    Zoning is a power granted by the State of Rhode Island that enables towns to regulate land uses (development density, the size of lots, the height of buildings, etc.) in order to ensure that development does not run contrary to the Comprehensive Plan and promotes the health, safety and general welfare of the public.  

    Homeowner Assistance

    Programs through the Department of Planning & Development include Home Rehabilitation Assistance and Septic System Loan Assistance.  Go to the Homeowner Assistance page to learn more.

    Staff Listing

    Vacant, Director of Planning and Development

    Phone: 401-822-9184



    John Studley,  Associate Planner (Interim Director)

    Phone: 822-6230



    Gail Hardink, CDBG Coordinator/Planning Clerk

    Phone: 401-822-6246



    Kerrie Karwoski, Zoning Clerk

    Phone: 401-822-9196




    1675 Flat River Road (Mailing address: 1670 Flat River Road)

    Coventry, Rhode Island 02816

    Phone: 401-822-9184

    Fax: 401-822-6236

    Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m


    Contact the Zoning and Code Enforcement department for any Zoning and Code violations:

    by calling 401-822-9196

    or by emailing 


    “Fair Housing Act Design Manual” for multifamily projects can be referenced by clicking on the link below: