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    Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m


    Contact the Zoning and Code Enforcement department for any Zoning and Code violations:

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    Welcome to the Department of Planning and Development for the Town of Coventry! The Department serves many functions related to the physical development of the community. The Town of Coventry's Comprehensive Community Plan defines the existing land use, cultural and natural resources, traffic circulation and social and economic conditions within the Town and then outlines the visions, goals and objectives for sustainable growth and development. The Planning Department utilizes the Comprehensive Community Plan, the Subdivision and Land Development Regulations and the Zoning Ordinance to administrate and shepherd land use in the Town of Coventry. We are continuously developing initiatives and making recommendations related to the Town of Coventry's managed growth and preservation of quality of life. 


    Staff Listing


    Caroline Wells, Director of Planning and Development

    Phone: 401-822-9184



    The Planning Director is responsible for oversight and administration of all residential, commercial and industrial subdivisions and land development projects.  These projects are processed through the Planning Department and Planning Commission. The Planning Director develops proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan, Subdivision and Land Development Regulations and Zoning Ordinance; oversees the application and administration of grants; prepares the monthly reports and advice for the Planning Commission and Land Trust; and develops planning, environmental and economic initiatives for the benefit of the Town of Coventry. 



    Vacant Position, Assistant Planner/Zoning Enforcement Officer




    The Assistant Planner assists the Director in performing a variety of daily planning activities including technical reviews of subdivisions and land development projects;  providing professional advice relating to planning, community and economic development and environmental matters; and responds to inquiries of the public on land use matters. He assists in grant writing activities to secure and administer State & federal funding for various infrastructure and environmental protection projects. He further assists the Director in research and coordination of special planning initiatives of the Department. He also enforces the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance through inspections and issuance of violations. Any questions regarding the Town’s new GIS website can be directed to the Assistant Planner or the MIS Department.  



    Brian Wagner,  Associate Planner

    Phone: 822-6230



    The Associate Planner/Zoning Enforcement Officer assists the Director and Assistant Planner with the review and processing of subdivisions and land development projects.  He/she assists in research and coordination of special planning initiatives of the Department.   In addition, he/she provides assists in zoning enforcement, zoning code interpretation and processing of applications to the Zoning Board of Review.



    Gail Hardink, CDBG Coordinator/Planning Clerk

    Phone: 401-822-6246



    The CDBG Coordinator performs professional and managerial work in developing and implementing Community Development Block Grant activities. The CDGB program provides HUD grants targeted for low & moderate income individuals/families to ensure that they are provided with decent affordable housing. She develops plans for program management, researches techniques for better utilization of federal funds and supports the Assistant Planner in applying for grants. She also provides technical assistance to clients for Housing Rehabilitation related projects.  The Planning Clerk supports the Planning Department and Planning Commission. She also administers the low interest septic repair/replacement loan program.  




    The Town of Coventry has been very successful with financially assisting numerous low and moderate income families with costly home repairs over the last decade.  The ongoing Housing Rehabilitation funded by Community Development Block Grant Funding has been a proven success and undeniably needed resource for low/moderate income home owners who are faced with costly and necessary repairs which impair their safe and/or healthy environment such as:


    *        Replacement of inadequate heating systems;

    *        Replacement of failed wells;

    *        Replacement of leaking roofs and/or severely inadequate windows that affect heating or energy efficiency;

    *        Providing handicap ramps for permanently disabled residents. 



    To obtain an application or for more information regarding the details of the program please call (401) 822-6246 or submit your inquiries by email to:


    Kerrie Karwoski, Zoning Clerk

    Phone: 401-822-9196



    The Zoning Clerk provides administrative and budgeting assistance to the Planning Department staff, processes Zoning relief applications and directs technical development and land use questions from the public to the appropriate staff.  She also administers the low interest sewer tie-in loan program. Planning and zoning applications, forms and checklists can be downloaded from the website or by contacting the Zoning Clerk.


     Industrial Drive CDBG-DR Project

    See documents in the top right hand column of this page for details.


    “Fair Housing Act Design Manual” for multifamily projects can be referenced by clicking on the link below: