Road Maintenance

    We maintain 220 miles of road way in Coventry.

    Some of the many services we provide are:


    Street Sweeping

    We begin Street Sweeping sometime in April each year, weather permitting. We do switch the schedule every year to ensure that the same neighborhood is not swept first or last. For example: If your neighborhood was swept last the prior year it will be swept first the next year. We will always post a copy of our Street Sweeping schedule prior to commencement so that residents can prepare by moving cars out of the roadway. We encourage residents to sweep the sand from their sidewalks before our sweeper is scheduled to come through. Please do not bag sand as we are unable to collect it this way. 

    Asphalt Work

    We do many different types of asphalt work, they include pothole patching; if you want to report a pothole please click here 

    Asphalt Berm repairs or installation; if you would like to request a berm or a berm repair please click here 

    Brush Cutting & Trimming

    Our brush crew works on a rotating schedule, as we travel from one end of town to the other the brush is just starting to grow back. Typically we begin brush cutting in Spring. 

    Road Grading & Gravel Road Maintenance

    Coventry is unique as it has rural sections that are much different than the more populated areas of Town. Many of these rural areas have gravel roads that require special machinery to maintain. We have an experienced road grader operator and he grades all of our gravel roads on a rotating schedule. If you live on a gravel road and wish to request maintenance please click here 

    Storm Drainage

    We have upwards of 2500 catch basins within the Towns boundaries. The Public Works Dept. maintains all these catch basins in various ways. We have these drains cleaned out each year typically in the summer. We also make repairs or re-build these catch basins. We are proud to be one of the only Public Works Dept.’s that do all this type of work in-house utilizing our many skilled workers.