Town Documents

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Taxation - Renewable Energy Systems Taxation - Renewable Energy Systems.doc366.79 KB Read More
Kent County Water Authority Annual Report FY 2016 Annual Reports KCWA Annual Report FY 2016.pdf12.72 MB Read More
Kent County Water Authority Annual Report FY 2017 Annual Reports Kent County Water Authority Annual Report FY 20171.35 MB Read More
Coventry Landfill Status Report Annual Reports Coventry Landfill Status Report104.06 KB Read More
Site Plan Building Department Site Plan Form Affidavit.pdf124.65 KB Read More
Solar Application Building Department Solar Application1.07 MB Read More
Building Permit Fees Building Department Schedule of building permit fee's effective Sept 3, 2019.xlsx25.28 KB Read More
Site Plan Building Department Site Plan Form Affidavit fillable.pdf135.03 KB Read More
Kent County Water Letter Building Department Kent County Water Letter538.72 KB Read More
Citizens Advisory Committee Property Tax Exemptions Elderly & Disabled Residents Committee Reports Citizens Advisory Committee Property Tax.pdf3.72 MB Read More
Police Contract 06-09 Contract policecontract06-09.pdf1.71 MB Read More
Police Contract 2018-2021 Contract COVENTRY IBPO 306 2018 - 2021.pdf3.65 MB Read More
Council 94 Contract 1/1/20 to 12/31/22 Contract Council 94 Contract 1/1/20 to 12/31/2217.55 MB Read More
Municipal Contract 06-09 Contract 2006-2009 Municipal.pdf533.32 KB Read More
2015 WED Coventry Lease Agreement Contract 2015-1223 WED Coventry Lease.pdf3.2 MB Read More
Police Contract 09-12 Contract POLICE 2009-2012.pdf1.38 MB Read More
WED Coventry Settlement Agreement and Release Contract WED_COV Settlement Agmt and Release (Green-Cov) 100820.pdf479.17 KB Read More
Municipal Contract 09-12 Contract Muni 2009-2012.pdf8.21 MB Read More
Police CBA Contract FINAL COPY CBA IBPO 2018-2021.pdf21.11 MB Read More
WED Coventry Power Purchase Agreement Contract WED_COV POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENT SIGNED 7-2012.pdf1.54 MB Read More
Teacher Contract 12-15 Contract 2012-2015_CTA_Contract.pdf2.94 MB Read More
Council 94A CBA Contract Coventry-Town Employees 2017-2019.pdf5.63 MB Read More
School Related Personnel 12-15 Contract 2012-15 SRP Contract.pdf363.31 KB Read More
Town Manager Parrillo's Contract Contract Town Manager Parrillo's Contract7.15 MB Read More
Municipal Contract 2013-2016 Contract CBA-Final 10-17-2013.pdf164.49 KB Read More
Rosewood Consulting Contract Contract Rosewood Consulting Contract.pdf466.12 KB Read More
Teacher Contract 15-17 Contract CTA_Contract_14-17.pdf1.61 MB Read More
Municipal Contract 16-19 Contract Municipal Contract 16-1915.55 MB Read More
Quidnick Reservoir Lease Contract 2009 Quidnick Reservoir Lease1.68 MB Read More
Edward Warzycha Employment Contract Contract Edward Warzycha Employeement Contract35.04 KB Read More
Police Contract 2015-2018 Contract 2015-2018 COVENTRY IBPO CBA.pdf18.34 MB Read More
Benjamin Marchant Employment Contract Contract Benjamin Marchant Employment Contract 2.07 MB Read More
Teacher Contract 07-10 Contract CTAContract0710.pdf417.46 KB Read More
HH Fire Dispatch Service Agreement 10/26/20 Contract Fire Dispatch Service Agreement 10.26.20.pdf2.3 MB Read More
Application for Employment Human Resources Fillable Application Form309.78 KB Read More
Cluster Subdivision Checklist - Final stage Planning Cluster Subdivision Checklist - Final Stage29.61 KB Read More
General Business Design Guidelines Planning General Business Design Guidelines.pdf4.92 MB Read More
Coventry Comp Plan Planning Coventry Comp Plan with Maps.pdf4.75 MB Read More
Sub-Division Regulations Planning Subdivision Regulations765.6 KB Read More
Hazard Mitigation Plan Planning HAZMIT Plan.pdf2.48 MB Read More
Residential Permit Sewer Sewer Residential Application 062416.pdf147.65 KB Read More
Commercial/Industrial Permit Sewer Sewer Commercial Industrial App 062416.pdf189.3 KB Read More
License Requirements & Costs by Type Town Clerk License Requirements & Costs by Type98.83 KB Read More
Police/DHS Building Costs Unsorted FUND 184 FY 17-19 GL Detail.pdf25.74 KB Read More
COVID-19 Test Form Unsorted COVID-19 Test Form51.46 KB Read More
Storm Water Plan Zoning SWMPP-final.pdf14.88 MB Read More
Zoning Guidelines Pamphlet Zoning Zoning Guidelines143.74 KB Read More
Affordable Housing Plan Zoning affordablehousing.pdf497.71 KB Read More
Coventry Historical Area Zoning Zoning Coventry Historical Area Zoning171.59 KB Read More