Notification of "Start of Project Construction" Location: Route 102 at Route 117 Roundabout, Coventry

    Dear Mr. Waters,

    This is to inform you that construction of the Rt. 102 and Rt. 117 intersection project has been started by the contractor, D'Ambra Corp..

    The work associated with this Contract is as follows:

    The total project length included in the town of Coventry at the intersection of RI Route 102 (Victory Highway) and RI Route 117 (Flat River Road) is approximately 2,130 feet combined length. Work at this location involves the construction of a roundabout and will include but are not limited to full-depth roadway reconstruction, micro milling bituminous pavement and pavement overlay, removing and disposing concrete, gore markers, removing and disposing sidewalks, installation of new cement concrete sidewalks, saw-cutting bituminous pavement, furnishing and installing temporary pavement markings, removing and disposing concrete curb, disposing signs, furnishing and installing signs, cleaning and sweeping pavement, maintenance and protection of traffic, landscaping, proposed lighting and all other incidentals necessary to complete the project.


    Christian D. Shaw

    Resident EngineerRIDOT