The message below is being sent to all Town of Coventry Residents via the CODE RED reverse 911 calling system.


    This is the Town of Coventry Emergency Management Agency with an important message regarding the mosquito spraying for EEE being held Monday or Tuesday evening, weather permitting.

    Areas scheduled to have aerial spraying include all those east of RTE 102 extending to the West Warwick line. Aerial Spraying will begin around 6:30 pm and conclude by dawn Tuesday.  Areas west of 102 should follow the same precautions as the flight plan varies.  The aircraft will be flying low.   The map can be viewed on the website listed at the end of this message.  On Monday 9/23 @5 pm Coventry EMA will issue a follow up CodeRed alert with the latest information and spraying plans.

    The pesticide being used is regulated and has been extensively tested. It is being used at very low concentrations. No adverse health effects are associated with its use for mosquito control. 
    However, it is generally good for people to limit their exposure to pesticides when possible. While spraying is occurring, it is best to err on the side of caution and limit time outdoors, bring any pets inside, and keep your windows closed. For more information, call 2-1-1 or visit RI DEM’s website at


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    spray map