The current situation involving the water levels on Johnson's Pond

    A full hearing in front of Judge Lanphear is currently in progress.  Nick Gorhan, Dave Dagostino  and I (Ed Warzycha), along with Bob Fairbanks, the town's dam engineer, and Chuck Smith were at the Kent County courthouse today July 7, 2021 from 2:00 - 4:00 pm today.  The hearing is for an emergency Temporary Restraining Order to stop the lowering of the water level by Soscia Holdings LLC.  The town is presenting testimony and will be back at the court at 9:30 am tomorrow, July 8, 2021 to continue the hearing. 

    Testimony will continue as the hearing progresses.  In the meantime,  the water level has dropped to 4.5" below the spillway and was dropping at a rate of approx. 1" in 6 hours.  

    The town is working diligently to obtain the TRO to stop the further draining of the pond.

    We will keep everyone updated as the situation progresses.