The results of today's court hearing involving the water levels on Johnson's Pond


    The hearing continued at 9:30 am at the Kent County Courthouse in front of Judge Lanphear.  Nick Gorham, Dave Dagostino  and I (Ed Warzycha), were in attendance for the Town of Coventry, while Patrick Dougherty represented Soscia Holding LLC..  Bob Fairbanks, the town's dam engineer, Marc Lemoi (President of Johnson's Pond Civic Association) and I testified for the town, while Doug Soscia and John Fonseca (the Soscia Holding LLC gate Keeper) testified for Soscia Holding LLC..  The hearing continued until approximately 3:00 pm when Judge Lanphear made his ruling that allows Soscia Holding to continue to drop the water level to eighteen (18) inches below the spillway level.  The water must then be maintained at that level until a conference call between the attorneys and Judge Lanphear tomorrow at 12:00 noon .  Upon completion of the storm, Soscia Holding LLC must then return the water level back to spillway level as quickly as possible.  This ruling was a verbal order from Judge Lanphear, and no written ruling was drafted today. 


    The water level of the pond was eleven and one half  (11.5) inches below spillway level at 12:45 today, July 8, 2021, and is dropping at the rate of nearly one (1) inch every three (3) hours with a current flow rate of 362 cfs (cubic feet per second).


    We will keep everyone updated as the situation progresses.