The results of today's court conference call involving the water level on Johnson's Pond


    A conference call between Nick Gorham, David Dagostino (for the town) Patrick Dougherty (for Soscia Holding) and Judge Lanphear was held at 12:00 noon today July 9. 2021.  We expressed our concern – based on our expert, Robert Fairbanks, (Town Dam Engineer) opinion – that the volume of water moving through the pipes should be reduced, given their condition, and that the preferable method of draining water from Johnson’s Pond is over the spillway, even in a weather event.

    Judge Lanphear said that he wanted Mr. Fonseca, (the gatekeeper) Mr. Fairbanks, (town dam engineer) and Jim Russell, (Soscia Holdings dam engineer), to confer on the best way to manage the outflow of water from Johnson’s Pond. Judge Lanphear expects a report in another WebEx conference at 3 PM this afternoon. 

    The 3:00 conference call was conducted with the following results: After speaking with both dam engineers, Bob Fairbanks and Jim Russell, Judge Lamphear ordered that the gates be closed and that the water be allowed to rise to full spillway as quickly as possible.  Judge Lanphear also ordered that Mr. Fonseca, and not the Soscias, manage the operation of the gates over the weekend, and under no circumstances are the control gates to be opened any more than one half capacity

    Judge Lanphear also scheduled an additional conference call for Monday to review the progress of the refilling of Johnson's Pond. 

    I will be checking and posting water levels and flow rates over the weekend to check on compliance.

    The water level of the pond was sixteen and one half (16.5) inches below spillway level at 7:30 today, July 9, 2021, and the flow rate was 357 cfs (cubic feet per second).

    The water level of the pond was fifteen (15) inches below spillway level at 11:45 today, July 9, 2021, and the flow rate was 404 cfs (cubic feet per second).


    We will keep everyone updated as the situation progresses.