Here are the results of today’s (August 5, 2021)  court proceedings. 


    Earlier today, legal counsel for the Town of Coventry and Soscia Holdings, LLC appeared in Kent County Superior Court before Justice Jeffrey A. Lanphear for a conference on two (2) pending issues: 1) The water level decrease in Johnson’s Pond in anticipation of storm events; and, 2) The procedures for addressing installation/repair/replacement of docks on Johnson’s Pond under the terms of the Lease Agreement.


    At the conclusion of the conference, the parties and the Court went on the record to clarify and confirm the following:


    1) Water levels in Johnson’s Pond will be raised to spillway level and the control gates closed as necessary to accomplish this, promptly upon cessation of the rain/storm event;

    2) The parties will develop written procedures for notice of water level changes for impending rain/storm events and will report back to the Court on August 12 on these procedures;

    3) The parties’ engineers will meet and confer to provide an update to the Court on the safety and safe use of the pipes (i.e. the low-level outputs or “LLOs”) to discharge flow from Johnson’s Pond in the event of a rain/storm event;

    4) The Town will notify the party who recently replaced or constructed a dock on Johnson’s Pond, of the approval procedures required in advance of such work from the Town and Soscia Holdings, LLC; and,

    5) The Court will review these items with counsel on August 12, 2021 via WebEx.  


    The current flow rate is 399 cfs as of 3:00pm and a water level of 12” below spillway at 8:00 am


    More information to follow as it develops.


    Edward T. Warzycha

    Town of Coventry

    Administrative Officer