Budget Meeting and Voting information

    When the voters reject a budget, the Town Charter calls for an alternate budget and a new vote.

    On June 27th the Coventry Town Council approved an alternate budget to present to the voters at a special budget vote on Thursday, July 28th, as required by the Town Charter. 

    The Fiscal Year 2023 Budget was developed with the goal to maintain quality services, improve investments in capital (like roads and facilities) and ensures that the Town and School will have 100% of the resources they need to keep moving forward. 

    This budget is good for tax payers.

    The new residential tax rate is 19.57 per $1000 assessed value from $19.404.  The new commercial tax rate is $23.58 (from $23.391).

    This budget provides value.

    This budget:

    • Improves maintenance of parks and recreational fields.
    • Supports Police protection and quality Library services.
    • Satisfies the Town’s Debt and Pension obligations.
    • Maintains minimum operations for repairing roads, trash removal and recycling services.
    • Invests $955,000 in capital spending for infrastructure, facilities and heavy equipment.
    • Provides a set aside of $234,148 to address unforeseen expenses as a contingency.

    Learn more about this budget at the Financial Town Meeting.

    There will be a Financial Town Meeting in the Town Council Chambers on Tuesday, July 26, at 7:00pm to afford voters the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the budget to be voted on at the all-day budget referendum where they can vote between the hours of 7a.m. and 8p.m. on Thursday, July 28th.


    Polling Locations:

    DISTRICT 1:         ST. FRANCIS CHURCH                                                     132 PECKHAM LANE
    DISTRICT 2:         TOWN COUNCIL CHAMBERS                       1670 FLAT RIVER ROAD
    DISTRICT 3:         CLUB JOGUES                                                                    184 BOSTON STREET
    DISTRICT 4:         COVENTRY SENIOR CENTER                                         50 WOOD STREET