Transfer Station

    Transfer Station Guidelines

    A dump pass is required for any item not covered under the Free Section of this list. Dump passes are $20.00 cash only and are good for four (4) trips. You cannot buy another dump pass until 1 year from the date of purchase, however the dump pass will not expire  until all four trips are used up.


    Used motor oil– cannot be mixed with any other liquids. FREE

    Mattressess/Boxsprings– Must be clean and dry with no rips. FREE Any mattress or boxspring soiled, infested, wet or ripped is $70.00 each piece.

    Rigid Plastic - examples are 5 gal buckets, plastic outdoor kid toys,  kid pools, laundry baskets ect. FREE

    Metal Items– anything metal,  examples: metal chairs, bikes, stove, washer, dryer, metal fence, microwave, grill (no tank), lawn mowers (no gas or oil)

    Natural Debris– All natural debris, examples: Branches, leaves, grass clippings. NO DIRT, NO STONE, NO MULCH, NO SOD. Branches can be any length but must be smaller than 4inches in diameter.

    Regular weekly kitchen trash– If you miss you weekly collection you may bring  up to *6 standard size bags of trash  FREE.

    *Any additional bags will require a punch on your dump pass.

    Curbside Recycling– If you missed your weekly collection or if you have an influx of recyclables you  may bring it for FREE


    Transfer Station Hours are M-F  7:30am-noon & 12:30-3pm.

    Saturday’s following a Holiday 7:30am-noon

    Holidays that are observed : Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, VJ Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

    *These Items Require a Dump Pass

    *Contractors will not be permitted to use the Transfer Station. All instances are at the Transfer Station Attendants discretion.

    Fencing– Metal fencing any size, any amount is ok. Picket fencing (4ft in height or lower) is ok. Decorative garden fencing is ok.

    1 Section of Stockade is ok

    no other stockade fence will be accepted.

    Roofing Shingles– ONLY a wheel barrel amount will be allowed.

    An entire roof will not be allowed.

    Sheds -  Plastic sheds are ok, metal sheds are ok,                                    NO wooden sheds will be accepted.

    Decks -Replacing a few boards or top rails is ok                                   large sections of  decking or entire decks will not be accepted.  

    Windows– If you  are replacing a few windows: OK

    Entire house of windows will not be accepted.


    No Concrete will be accepted , No Asphalt will be accepted, No Dirt, No Rock and No Stone will be accepted.



    Items that require an extra charge

    All Stickers can be purchased at our office located in the rear of the Town Hall/Library complex at 1670 Flat River Road.

    DPW Office hours M-F 7am-3:30pm:

    Transfer Station hours M-F 7:30am – noon & 12:30—3pm.


    Refrigerant Items: Air conditioner,  Refrigerator,  Freezers.

    $10.00 each piece picked up curbside or dropped off.


    Soiled, wet, infested or ripped Mattresses or Boxsprings will

    require at $70.00 unrecoverable sticker to be collected curbside or dropped off at our Transfer Station.

    Mattresses or Boxsprings: that are clean, dry, not ripped and not infested can be disposed of at The Transfer Station Free of charge. However if you want to have a clean, dry, mattress    collected curbside there is a $10.00 charge.  A king sized mattress bag will be provided to keep the mattress/boxspring clean and dry at time of collection.

    Tires:  Standard car tires on or off the rim are $5.00 each.

    We will accept other sized tires, please inquire in the office for pricing.



    Electronics: Coventry is a State drop-off for all of Kent County. We will accept a Computer, CPU unit, Monitor, or any size Television set. Must provide I.D. proving you are a Kent County resident. (Coventry, West Warwick, Warwick,

    East Greenwich or West Greenwich.

    Paints:  Latex based paint cans that are completely dried out can be disposed of safely in trash cart.  There can be no film left over in the cans. If you have partially full cans of Latex paint you may mix in sand or cat litter to dry it out quickly. After the paint is dried you can scrape out the sand or cat litter into a trash bag .

    You may also bring full or partially full cans of paint to

    S&T Hardware located at 2300 Nooseneck Hill Road.

    Cans must sealed have the original labels and not be leaking. Both oil based and latex based paints will be accepted as well as stains and sealants.

    Household Hazards:  Such as anti-freeze, compact fluorescent light bulbs, fluorescent light tubes, oil based paints, gasoline, pool chemicals Ect. can be disposed of for free using the Eco-Depot (401) 942-1430 x241